Black Dog Names

Looking for Black Dog Names? A black beauty has found its place into your heart and now you search for THAT PERFECT NAME to match your new pal's beauty and great personality?

You've Come To The Right Place!

Which Of These Black Dog Names
Sounds Good For Your Baby?

Abra Africa
Amaro Batman
Beluga Black
Blackberry Blackie
Blackjack Blake
Bruna Bruno
Carbon Carcoal
Coffee Ebony
Espresso Inky
Leila Mafia
Maurizia Maurizio
Mauro Melanie
Midnight Mocha
Nero Panther
Pepper Prune
Raven Shadow
Smokey Smoky
Sooty Storm
Velvet Zorro



By the way, let me congratulate you on your decision to get a black dog! Especially if that's a rescue... You see, not too many people make this choice. For some strange reason black dogs - especially Big Black Dogs - considered to be ferocious and "definitely not pretty".

Go figure...

I've met many black dogs in my life and they were ALL adorable. Just like this little one!

Hi! My Name Is Penny!

This adorable puppy didn't get her name from the black dog names on this page. Her name is Penny and is just  perfect for her!

My husband found the poor puppy abandoned on the side of the road while driving to work. Where is she now? Well, now she enjoys a great life at his work place being loved and pampered by everyone!

In the photo her fur looks dark brown but it's just the sun. She is a beautiful black dog they named Penny.

So, what do you think ? Did any of the names on the list seems right for your dog?.

Maybe your first thought was to find something and emphasize your new puppy’s color. Right thought! But, there are MORE OPTIONS!

The color of the fur is not the only thing that defines your dog... You could also consider size, gender and, of course, personality. What about special traits and characteristics?

In this site you'll find many more lists with unique, hand picked names suitable for every dog!

Names For Girls

Names for Boys

Names For Big Dogs

Names For Small Dogs

One Syllable Dog Names is one of your BEST OPTIONS, according to the experts!

NEW!Thanks to the submissions of all the people following us on facebook a new page is now ready. TOP DOG NAMES! Real names of real dogs, plus some super cute photos! You just have to see that!


I truly hope you liked what you've found on our site! And that we've made your decision easier...

If you'd like to tell us (and the rest of the world!) which name you picked and send us a photo we'd be really glad to make your dog a part of Happy Lucky Dog!


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