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Dog Water Dishes

The variety of dog water dishes in the market has been a real surprise to me! To be honest, since my dog doesn't have any particular drinking , eating or digestive problems,  I had never given so much thought on choosing a bowl.

However, building this site made me realize that a great number of pets actually do have all this kind of issues.

There are also dog owners who pay extra attention on every small detail concerning their little friends and choose to spend their money on products  that are good for the dog but also compliment their home décor!

Happy Lucky Dog’s Bowls store has a Bowl
for every Dog and every Owner!

  • Small, Big and Ultra Big bowls
  • Single or Double dishes
  • Sturdy and heavy elevated dog bowls
  • Slow feed dishes
  • Attractive ones with a storage drawer.
  • Funny dog bowls
  • Artistic dishes
  • Heated bowls
  • Portable dog dowls
  • Foldable bowls

I'm sure here you'll find the perfect one for your dog!


Have in mind that the dog water dish you buy is something your dog will use many times during the day. However, it’s not just the dog. You will also “use it”. You’ll have to fill it, wash it or even clean the mess if it’s not sturdy and the dog can easily knock it over.

Buy the correct size for your dog that can hold the amount of food you give. Beautiful design is something we all like but you should also look for something practical that can hold the amount of food you feed.

Elevated dog bowls are best for big, tall dogs as they allow them to eat in a more comfortable position.

If your dog eats and drinks in your kitchen or dinning area then maybe design is a matter of concern.

And something last but very important. Always read the reviews of a product before buying. They really help you make the right choice.


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