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This Is For My Dex

by Claire Thomson
(United Kingdom)

June 24, 2013

I adopted Dex back in 1996 from a shelter called "Dogs Trust" here in UK. I had gone looking for a younger dog, to be a playmate and companion for my other dog who suffered from separation anxiety.

When I arrived at the shelter, Dex straightaway stood out to me. He came trotting into his kennel from outside and placed his paw on my hand...

I knew then he was the one!

He was 9-10yrs old as they estimated. A week later I brought him home with me. He was such a loyal and loving guy! He just LOVED to give you smooches and curl up on your lap...

I had 7 great years with him but then disaster struck... Last year he began to lose his fur, he dramatically lost weight and developed lumps all over his body.

I took him to the vet, they originally said he was suffering from allergies and they gave me some medication for him... but it didn't seem to work. I took him back to the vet 3 weeks ago and they gave me the most devastating news after taking a biopsy of the largest lump.

Dex had an aggressive form of cancer and there was nothing else could be done for him. I was heartbroken. They said he only had days to live and advised me to have him put to sleep but I reasoned with them to let me take him home for a few more days.

Those last days were the hardest days of my life but I smothered him with love and spoiled him rotten...

Then, on 7th June this year (2013), I took him to be put to sleep. I cried non stop for almost a week and I still am not over losing him. My boy will always hold a special place in my heart and I know that one day we will meet again and he will have no-more pain and no more cancer.

RIP Dex my sweet guy until we meet again over the Rainbow Bridge...

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Sep 04, 2014
Dex's story
by: Patsy Brewer

I have almost the same story of a dog we lost many years ago...

I'm so glad you pulled Dex out of the shelter and made his last 7 years enjoyable ones....and gave him the last few days of knowing how much you cared....

I do believe that they have that kind of understanding! Isn't it great to know they are no longer having to suffer with mean old cancer...

Aug 15, 2013
by: Tina White

You are an ANGEL, sent by GOD, to rescue DEX. You had wonderful memories with him that cannot be replaced. LADY was my best friend and my life. When her life ended tragically on her first birthday, NOVEMBER 27,2007,it was a hit and run! Someone tampered with her runner line! Sorry. I cannot finish my story. Its so sad! Police found the man and put him in jail and paid me cash for grievance and the heartache this jerk put me through.

Jun 30, 2013
To Dex and her owners
by: wade

I first would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for rescuing and giving Dex a loving forever home in the first place. You are a great warm loving person! However, nothing I say will take the pain away. But, it might make it easier to deal with... I had a Boxer named Sally, we got her when she was 8weeks old. Things were going great until 4 weeks later when she got meningitis. She was so young and we were heart broken but to the vets' amazement she pulled threw! 7 years passed, I split up with my girlfriend and I got Sally. I was so happy! Another 6months passed... One day after getting home from work Sally wasn't there to greet me. I knew something was wrong so I took her to the vet with tears rolling down my face. I was told she had a brain tumor so I took her home and spent the next 4 days with her, not even going to work... Then on the 4 day she got worse... I took her to be put to sleep. It was and STILL IS, 8years later, the sadest day of my 47 year life. I always think of her, EVERY DAY. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I am happy, but we are dog people and there are a lot of dogs out there that need our love. Dex, like Sally is waiting for us in Heaven. Lets both love a few more dogs that need our love GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTON DEX AND SALLY LOVE YOU FOREVER!

Jun 30, 2013
by: Hagnes

Thank you for adopting old dog. You give Dex love and care. Dex: RIP!

Jun 29, 2013
by: Claire Martin Wingert

So sad I know what you are going through. My Taffy was 13 and had cancer too. To lose a pet is like losing a child, they are so dear to us. We will meet them again! Dex will be waiting for you...

Jun 29, 2013
RIP DEX. Your home with God now
by: Donna

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I lost two of our babies a few years back to parvo. Our baby Rosie lived the longest but she was a fighter. We couldn't find a vet open on the weekend so she fought and monday I got her to the vet where I had to put her to sleep. We miss them so, but they live in our hearts every day. Thank you again and God bless.

Jun 25, 2013
R.I.P Dex. Your family will never forget you...
by: Happy Lucky Dog

Thank you so much Claire for sharing your story with us. You saved Dex and gave him a loving home for 7 years. You have done EVERYTHING you could for him and I'm sure your sweet boy is in a better, pain-free place now. It is so very hard, I know...

(I'm not sure if you tried to share a photo as well. No photo was attached. You can re submit one here or just go to our facebook page and post it there if you want)

R.I.P Dex...

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