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This Is For My LADY


My puppy, Harmony

My puppy, Harmony

Back in 2006, I was walking to volunteer at an animal thrift store, when I heard a cry from a puppy! I searched, just as the trash man had shown up and he helped me find this helpless pup in a trash bag! I took the day off and people at the thrift store gave me a bunch of stuff for my new puppy! I cried tears of joy. I named her LADY and we could not be separated. She slept with me, ate with me in her cute doggie dish, I played with her constantly. Lady was my baby. NOVEMBER 27,2007 arrived. It was my birthday and Lady's. I had a huge party for her. My friends stopped by with gifts for Lady and I. As I washed the dishes, I put Lady outside on her runner line. When I heard a yelp of pain, I dropped a dish which broke, but I did not care. The runner line was tampered with...then I saw my neighbor, Shelva walk towards me cuddling a baby blanket that was covered in blood! Lady was in the blanket! I held Lady and saw how bad she was hurting! All I could do was cry! Finally as Lady whimpered in pain, I held her close to my heart and said, " It is okay Lady. I will be okay. I will miss you Sweety. Always remember that I love you. " The moment I said that... Lady closed her eyes and died in my arms. My friend and I searched for the man, who hated dogs and I pressed charges. He was thrown in jail for three months and told to pay for my grievances and for a funeral for Lady. The police set up the date of saying my final good bye to Lady. The whole neighborhood was there in honor of my dear friend and companion, Lady. To this day, I still miss Lady and always will. I have a puppy named Harmony now. She just turned 2 years old in January. She is much like Lady. Harmony acts like her too! She is very protective of me and sleeps with me too. I am overly protective of Harmony and will not allow her to go near the road. Thank God for a fenced in back yard. Sometimes, I will talk to Lady out loud and wonder if her spirit is possibly in Harmony. I hope so, but if not, I am still okay with that too.

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Aug 16, 2013
If I Had A Picture

The picture on this page is of Harmony, but if I had one of Lady, I would have definitely shared it with everyone. Lady was a full-blood Jack Russel puppy. I miss her still to this day.

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