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I have researched many sources and found thousands of names for dogs. However, I decided to include Only Those Appropriate For A Dog and not fill up pages with endless lists....

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Let's see what makes a name good for a dog

There are some things you should consider when choosing a name so that you won’t regret it later.

Useful Tips When Choosing Unique Dog Names

  • Keep it sort and simple. Dogs respond better to names with one or two syllables. Three maximum. Your dog will learn its name quicker and training will become much easier.
  • Have in mind that you are going to use one of these unique dog names many times a day, everyday, for the next 10-15 years. Let’s assume that you call your dog 15 times a day. That’s 54.750 times in 10 years! So, pick wisely.
  • Say it aloud and listen to yourself. How does it sound? Is it easy to pronounce?
  • How do you feel saying it? Would you feel comfortable shouting this name in public? What’s the dog’s reaction?
  • Have in mind that your dog's name is his/her identity in the public world and also says a lot about you since you picked it. Does it send out the right message?

Big Dog Names

Small Dog Names

White Dog Names

Female Dog Names

Black Dog Names

Male Dog Names

  • Don’t choose a name that sounds like a command. This will probably confuse your dog and make training harder.
  • Avoid giving your dog the name of a relative, co-worker, friend or your boss. Many people may feel offended.
  • Avoid any potentially embarrassing name. Something that sounds pretty at first, when your dog is still a cute little puppy, can make you feel uncomfortable in the future. Names like "killer" or "stinky" can make people smile when they belong to a little puppy. When that same puppy grows up though things change...
  • Reject any name that humiliates your dog. Names like "silly" or anything like that.
  • Respect your dog. Take into consideration his/her gender, breed, size, color, personality and special traits. Take your time and get to know your dog. This knowledge will give you the best ideas for the perfect dog name.
  • Always keep in mind that dogs may not understand human language but they can certainly understand human reactions!

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