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Bathing A Dog In Less Than 15 Minutes

Your dog needs a bath but just the idea of "bathing a dog" makes you upset? Well, I have some really good news for you!

You CAN have a clean, fresh smelling & happy dog in less than 15 minutes!

Sounds too good to be true? It's not! All you have to do is get prepared and follow some simple advice BeforeDuring and After the bath.

Easy, right? 

What To Do Before You Begin

First of all, don’t make a big fuss about it because that will make your dog nervous and the whole bathing session a BIG  DISASTER. You know how dogs can sense our feelings... If you're feeling nervous you’ll communicate that nervousness to your dog.

Is this your first time bathing a dog? Ask someone to help you!  Especially in case you have to wash a big or large dog. A second person could hold the dog still, keep her calm and also offer some special treat to make things easier.

Choose the right time. When is that? During the evening, after you have given your dog a long walk would be a very good time. Ideally, you want to keep the dog inside the house as much as possible after the bath. Why? Because most dogs would love to go out and roll in dirt right after you've finished! On the other hand, please don’t try to give a bath to a dog that has just finished eating or bother a dog that feels sleepy.

"Anybody who doesn't  know what soap tastes,

has never washed a dog" 

- Franklin P. Jones 

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Remove any mats and brush out all tangles and snarls. Grooming before bathing a dog also removes loose hair and that will make washing much easier. You can do that just before the bath. But, if you haven’t groomed your dog in a long time and all this is going to tire you and your dog, I suggest you do it the day before.  Especially if you have a dog that hates baths. Always keep in mind that you don't want your furry friend to associate bathing time with something negative.

Be sure that the dog has no skin infections or open wounds. Remember, just a few drops of dog shampoo on the irritated skin could cause intense pain to your dog and make the whole bathing experience a true nightmare.

Get Everything You Need In The Bathroom
Before You Bring The Dog In 

Big towels (at least two or three if you have a big dog).

A rubber bath mat or big thick towel to place on the bottom of the bathtub. Helps the dog to feel more secure.

Dog shampoo and, if you want, conditioner.

Some tasty dog treats.

A big plastic container or a small bucket, in case you don't want to use the bath sprayer.

Bathing A Dog - Do It The Right Way

Have in mind that your most important job is to remain calm and in charge during the whole time.

Make sure the water has the right temperature. Not too hot or too cold. Dogs have very sensitive skin.

It’s a good idea to leave your dog’s collar on and use that as a handle.

Talk to your pet, using a calm assertive tone in your voice, throughout the whole time.

Use the shower hose or fill a container and saturate your dog’s coat. Make sure you soak every inch of it. Then apply the dog shampoo. Take a small quantity in your hands and  cover the whole body. It's easier if you dilute the shampoo with some water in a container and then use it. 

Many groomers suggest plugging the ears with cotton balls when bathing a dog. If your dog feels comfortable with that go ahead and do it. Mine really hates it and won’t let me put anything inside her ears! Just make sure you won’t spray water accidentally.

Rinse the coat really well and continue until the water comes completely clean. Any shampoo left on the dog’s body will cause itching and skin irritation.

Avoid pouring water on the dog’s head. This is extremely uncomfortable for most dogs, and also dangerous if the water goes into their ears.

End the bathing session by cleaning the head with a clean wet towel or doggy wipes. Always leave that part for the end.

Dry your dog using a soft towel. I’m sure you’ll need one more if you have a big, long coated dog... You want the towels to absorb as much water as possible. You know why? Because the dog will shake himself the moment you take your hands off him. So be prepared!

Should you use a blow dryer? It depends! If your dog is not afraid of it and if the weather is cold…My dog used to be very afraid of it at first. Now, that’s her favorite part!

One last thing you should keep in mind concerning bathing a dog! Don't wash your furry friend more often that he needs to! That would remove all the useful oils from the skin, causing skin irritations. Unless there has been an accident and the dog is REALLY dirty I recommend you bath your dog once a month.

But mom... That wasn't an accident. I really intended to play in the mud... And, no thanks, I do not need a bath. I love the way I smell this way!

My dog being happy (and muddy) after having spent the morning playing outside!
That's my lovely dog, Roza, all covered in mud.The serious face is because she realized I was going to give her a bath the moment we returned home.
Roza jumped in the puddle. And she loved it. Me? Not that much!

I truly hope all the information given here will make your dog enjoy bath time and your life a little bit easier!

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