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Cute Puppy Photos

Do you just love cute puppy photos? Welcome To The Club!

We love dog photos too and - of course- puppy photos in particular! You see, these cute little creatures have this "extra cuteness factor" that makes their images so special and irresistible.

In this page you'll find photos of puppies I'm sure you won't see on other sites. And if you do, I hope they'll mention the source. Meaning happy-lucky-dog.com!  Because ALL of them are unique!  Some of these pictures were submitted HERE and HERE  or by people following our facebook page. The rest come from my personal collection (a really big one.) 


Cute Puppy Photos

Meet my new Grand Fur-Son, Bear! One more Saint Bernard added to our family! Well, I guess you can never have too many Saint Bernards in a family.

submitted by Carrie Donald

"This is Charley, our 5 month old Boston Terrier! He loves children and also loves watching Scooby Doo.

Charley has a reputation for his big ears and his shadow at night looks like Batman!  I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful best friend."

submitted by Jim Mendiola

"Meet Guinness, the Mini Aussiedoodle! Our sweet, loving and energetic puppy that has changed my life for the good! I have CRPS and he is my service dog. My hubby and I love him SO MUCH! He is one of our fur babies!"

 submitted by Chasity Washam Finney

"This is Django, my 8 month old English Setter rescue dog, enjoying the summer scents in rare Irish sunshine…"

submitted by Tom Maher


German Shepherd mix puppy

Love those ears!

Very few things can be sweeter than a smiling puppy face!

Hello World, I'm a very happy puppy and my name is...Happy!

Just the perfect dog name for me!

Some more cute puppy photos...

Puppy-adult photo of a black rescue dog

This smiling girl is Penny! She was abandoned and left to die when she was just a little puppy. Thankfully, she got lucky! Some nice people found her and ...the rest is history.

On the right is a photo of this beautiful big girl now!

Click for more Big Dog Pictures!

Adorable bostorn puppy

"I had to babysit this angel the other day and I thought I would share his precious little picture......"

by Patsy Ward Brewer

"This is my adorable Sammy posing with his favorite toy! He's 17 month old in this picture"

submitted by Alvilda Breeze - Hokitika, New Zealand


Do you like funny dog pictures? We have a page on this site with just that! FUNNY DOG PHOTOS. And, if you REALLY need a good laugh today we also have a great collection of FUNNY DOG VIDEOS!

Red nose pitbul  named William

"This is my William's puppy photo! William, the Red Nose Pitbull from Thailand, has grown now and turned out to be a very handsome boy! See for yourself!

He's a true gentleman who loves to give goodnight kisses...

submited by Beloved Gwen

Her name is Kaddie and she's the cutest furball.

My darling Kaddie! This is a picture of her when she was just 2 months old. Kaddie is the most important part of our family... Nobody of us could even think of living a day without this beautiful cutie.

She is a friendly and playful dog who is always ready  to play with us with her toys. Really, a perfect Happy Lucky Dog!

by Kamal Deep, India

Kaddie, after a few months

Of course dogs are allowed on the furniture! And, Kaddie is no exception.

Little Dachshund licking his face

A young girl, Kimberly, shared her story and her puppy's  photos with us. She wrote: "I was SO HAPPY when I got my first puppy, Napoleon! Finally, my wish has come true!

CLICK HERE to read the full story and see more photos of Napoleon!

Gracie has brought light to her owners' life again

"This is the very first picture I took of my girl Gracie! The Golden Retriever that has brighten my life and made me smile again!

CLICK HERE to read Gracie's full story and see a photo of her now! Isn't she a doll?

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