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Dog Begging for Food

You used to think that a dog begging for food is cute? Well, seeing you here makes me believe that you've changed your mind.

Am I Right?

This behavior became a real problem for my family the moment our dog, Roza, took a few steps further from "just staring" and... started pawing.

That was the moment I knew I had to PUT AN END to this behavior!

This is what we had to deal with every time we sat at the table.

My cute dog begging for food.So hard to resist her innocent eyes.

 have to admit that it wasn’t my dog’s fault!  I was the one who initiated the problem and -thankfully- I managed to control it.

The fact you're visiting this page makes me believe that your dog has gone beyond the phase of being cute  and s/he has started to become… annoying!

Let's admit it, this is the truth.  No matter how much we love our dogs, there are times when they can become a real trouble!

How Deep in Trouble Are You?

First of all, let’s define what dog begging is so that you can better understand where you stand. 

  • The dog stands or lies down waiting patiently for a treat.
  • The dog approaches and stares at you while you are eating.
  • When the dog is not taking what s/he wants, becomes anxious and a number of other symptoms begin.
  • The begging dog starts whimpering, slobbering or crying.
  • If that doesn’t work then he or she starts barking.
  • Final phase. The dog begins pawing and jumping on you in order to get what she or he wants. 

Why You Must Control Dog Begging Behavior

  • By giving your dog the privilege of eating before you - or at the same time - you are breaking the pack hierarchy and the dog understands that is moving up in rank. In return, that can cause other serious problems like aggression, dominance and even pulling on the lease. It is possible that you haven’t thought about this connection before but in a dog´s mind things are really simple. The LEADER eats first and walks first.
  • Always remember that dogs are pack animals. Your family, no matter how small or how big that is, becomes their pack which has ONLY ONE LEADER. The dog should ALWAYS be the last members in the hierarchy of this pack. That’s the golden rule for a happy life with a dog. Not just for you but for your dog also.
  • Another serious reason for not giving in to your dog's begging for food is obesity. Everything you feed your dog other than his/her food is simply extra calories they don't need. Moreover, there is a strong possibility your human food is harmful for your dog's health. Did you know that onions, raisins, avocados,sugar, chocolate and some nuts can make your little friend sick and even kill him/her? All the information you need to know about Dangerous Foods For Dogs IS HERE

  • A dog begging for food can embarrass you in frond of your friends and family. Maybe for you it's all right when your dog is glued to your chair while you are enjoying your dinner but that doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way... Some people can become really upset by this behavior so you should be able to control it. Don't let your begging dog affect your relationship with your loved ones.

  • A begging dog can become a threat for babies, small children and elderly people. What will happen in case a small kid is eating something and your dog wants some of it? What will happen if the dog jumps on the child?
  • Hygiene is also a matter of concern. I am strongly against the idea of hand feeding your dog and then continue your meal. Every dog owner knows "which body parts" a dog's tongue can reach. I assume you don't need to read more details... So hand feeding a dog begging for food at the same time that you're eating is a clear NO.

How to Stop Dog Begging Behavior

  • The solution to your problem is very simple. Stop Rewarding The Dog's Begging. Don't give any food, don't talk, don't try to explain, don't even look at the dog. If you are a new dog owner who have just brought a new puppy or dog in the house then things are rather easy for you. NEVER give your dog any of your food and you'll NEVER have a problem.
  • OK, now I think that I heard some of you laughing. Resisting to a cute little puppy is not the easiest thing in the world. As for those of you having a dog that has practiced his/her begging skills, the situation seems helpless.

"A well-trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch.

He will just make you feel so guilty that you cannot enjoy it."

- Helen Thomson

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Stopping dog begging is difficult. I know. Really difficult. But it is doable. I know that too. Here are some things that have helped me dealing with the problem.

  • Make sure that EVERYONE in your house, family members, friends or visitors, understand that they should never reinforce the dog begging behavior. Keep an eye on the "grand parents". As with kids, your parents are the ones who are more likely to spoil your dog.
  • The dog should have a stable feeding program and it's best to be fed in a separated room.
  • Keep it in a separate room or tether him/her (as long as your dog feels comfortable with this practice) away from your table if the dog feels more relaxed having eye contact with you. That works just fine for us when we have visitors. It's really simple. If your dog has already tasted human food then s/he is certainly tempted to beg for that. So, take the dog away from the source of temptation. After you have finished your meal, you can reward the good behavior (meaning no whimpering or scratching the door) with some meat, a small piece of cheese or other healthy dog treats.
  • Be patient. It it true that you'll need lots of patience but only patience and repetition can teach a dog the appropriate behavior. Remember, always reward what you want, not punish what you don't want.

Some final words of advice. If you're thinking that you are fine with your dog's begging behavior and still find it cute... well, think again. You see, change is the only thing in life that is certain. 

You may be fine with begging now and your dog might be a small puppy. However, what about fine years from now? Your life conditions could be very different. New family members might arrive (a new partner or a new baby), your physical condition might change (getting older or getting pregnant).

Some day, your cute little puppy will become a fully grown up adult dog with the behavior YOU have taught him.

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