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Funny Dog Photos

Do you love Funny Dog Photos? Often catch yourself searching for funny doggies on the net when feeling in need for a break from work or just looking for something to make you smile? We all do that.

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Scroll down to see some Unique Funny Pictures I've hand picked for YOU! Some of them were submitted by fans on our Facebook Page, some others by visitors on this site and the rest belong to my personal collection!


In Daddy' Arms...

Funny dog photos, in daddy's arms

posted by Deepanshu Rana, India

Funny dog photos, spoiled dog
Photo courtesy of San Diego Shooter (Flickr)

Posing Like A Hollywood Star!

Funny dog photos, Venus is a star

"Venus is such a sweet girl... She even lets my Granddaughter put sun glasses on her! Not many would just sit and be made over so..."

submitted by Tamara (Mesa, AZ USA)

Cute Sleeping Beauties!

funny dog photos sleeping pets

photos submitted  by

Tamanna Borah, India (cat) & Michele Machado, Canada (dog)


Waiting for that elusive crumb to fall...

Funny dog photos, dogs begging for food

posted by Mary Harnett


Have a dog that begs for food and you no longer find this is funny? CLICK and FIND OUT how to solve the problem NOW!

I'm not FUNNY actually...I'm SUPER HAPPY!

Funny dog photos, smiling dog

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Just Happened To Get A Funny Haircut!

Funny dog photos, funny haircut1

Me Too...

This is a photo of Jinxie -a 6 year old Airedale Terrie from South Africa- after a visit to the doggy parlour. This "new look" came as  a surprise, since her mom had no idea she would come home with this funny cut...  

posted by Adel Stander

Photo courtesy of Devilstar (Flickr)

Do you enjoy photographing your own dog? Or photographing dogs in general?

I SURE DO! My guess is that you have some really funny dog photos of your furry friend too.... Why not sharing them with the rest of us on the internet world?

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Send us a picture and YOUR BABY and make your dog part of this site! The photo will remain online as long as the site is online. For many many years!!! You can invite friends and family members to visit, comment and rate your photo and also see what other people say. Enjoy!

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Photographing Dogs

Are you wondering "how on earth people manage to capture these shots?" Maybe thinking that you are not such a good photographer... You may have tons of pictures but very few can reflect your dog’s cute and funny personality.

Well, it is not that difficult and you definitely don’t have to be a professional to get a few great shots. But there are some Tips and Advice you should follow in order to take great pictures of your dog.

First of all, you’ll need a camera you can keep in a handy place. If there is an expensive digital camera in your house, with a number of functions available, that’s even better. But…only if you know how to operate it. You see, it is rather unlikely that your dog will stay still until you figure out how to adjust the color balance or whatever it is you want for that “perfect picture”.

In many cases, your cell phone’s camera will be more helpful. We all carry our phones with us most of the time and that's really important because you never know when a really funny moment will come!

Do you want to know the biggest secret for a great funny dog picture? It's simple. Once you catch your dog having done something wrong, let's say digging in the garbage bin or sleeping on the sofa s/he is not supposed to...stay cool and grab your camera. The look on a dog's face is priceless in these photos.

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My Funny Girl, Roza

Funny dog photos, my funny girl


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