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Gourmet Dog Treat Recipes

These gourmet dog treat recipes will MAKE YOUR DOG GO CRAZY. That's a promise!

Gourmet recipes require more ingredients than the easy dog treat recipes so they have more vitamins and food value. They also have more calories but they worth each one of them! They are absolutely fantastic. Just remember the golden rule: GIVE TREATS IN MODERATION.

Note: Before you start baking one of the gourmet dog treat recipes, it would be a good idea to visit the dangerous foods for dogs page on our site so that you are 100% sure you're using only ingredients that are safe for your dog. 

Beef Liver Biscuits


 - 1 ½ cup (200 gram) all purpose flour

 - 1 cup (120 gram) whole wheat flour

 - 2 teaspoons baking powder

 - 1 cup (95 gram) rolled oats

 - 1 cup (200 gram) beef or chicken liver

 - I egg beaten

 - 1/2 cup (70 ml) vegetable oil

 - Dash of salt


Place the liver in an open pot or pan and cover it with water. Bring to a boil and cook for ten minute.

Puree the cooked liver in a food processor (add some water if needed).

Place the rolled oats in a big mixing bowl and pour the hot water. Leave for five minutes.

Add the liver and all the remaining ingredients in the bowl. Mix well. Knead by hand until a dough is formed. It will be a rather stiff dough. Add extra flour or water as needed.

On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough to about ¼ inch (0.5 cm) thickness.

Use a cookie cutter and cut into desired shapes.If you don't have a cutter just use the open end of a small glass, a pizza cutter or a knife.

Place the biscuits on a greased cookie sheet or line baking paper (saves you time from cleaning).

Preheat the over to 350 F (180C) and bake for about 20-30 minutes

Let them cool completely

Chicken Dog Treats


 - 1 ½ cups (200 gram)white flour

 - 1 ½ cups (200 gram)whole wheat flour

 - 3tbs baking powder

 - 1 ½ cups (200 gram) cooked shredded chicken (no bones or skin)

 - 1/4cup (50ml) vegetable oil

 - 2 carrots, grated

 - Dash of salt

 - 1/2cup (125 ml) lukewarm chicken broth


In a big bowl mix all the ingredients, leaving the chicken broth last.

Add the chicken broth, pouring little by little and knead by hand until a soft dough is formed. You don’t want it to be too stiff or too sticky. Add extra flour or broth if needed.

On a well floured surface roll out dough to ¼ inch (0.5 cm) thickness.

Cut with the cookie cutter you prefer (bones, hearts, stars). If you don’t have a cookie cutter you can use the open end of a small glass, or simply a knife or pizza cutter.

Preheat the oven to 350 F (180 C). Place cookies on a greased baking sheet and bake them for 20 minutes or until they turn golden brown. You can also use a grease-proof paper (I prefer this way, makes cleanup easy).

Let the cookies cool completely and call your dog for a try!

The number of cookies depends on the cookie cutter you’ll use. My advice is to use a small one, especially if you intend to use these cookies as dog training treats.

One More Of My Gourmet Dog Treat Recipes
Rice Balls


 - 1 cup (210 gram) white rice

 - 2 cups (250 ml) water

 - 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

 - oregano

 - 1 cup (150 gram) finely chopped cooked meat, whatever you prefer

 - 2 tablespoons olive oil (or other vegetable oil)


Bring water to a boil

Add rise and stir

Reduce heat and cook for 20 minutes

Let the rise cool completely

In a mixing bowl put the chopped meat and garlic

Add the rise and knead

With your hands shape small rice balls (use oil in your hands as the mixture is sticky)

Keep in the refrigerator

All the gourmet dog treat recipes, easy dog treat recipes as well as the healthy dog treats  on this site have been tasted and approved by MY DOG!

I also like to cook for her! Would you like to see some homemade dog food recipes? They're really nutritious and I'm sure your dog will find them delicious!

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