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Serena, My Dog Died

Serena, my dog died last night (March 21, 2014). We all wished for a happy ending, but it was not meant to be….

Serena resting in her basketR.I.P sweet girl

"Run free and wild at the rainbow bridge Serena without any pain and

free from all the scars left on your body..."

Serena was viciously bitten by a big dog last Sunday (March 16, 2014), sustained eight bite wounds, and some of the wounds were too deep and severe that just went sceptical. We rushed her straight away after being injured. Three days later, we had her transferred to another facility trying everything to save her, but it just was not meant to be.

Yesterday she was so happy, wagging her little tail and eating and looked so much better. But died later in the evening.

We are so devastated, as in the space of less than a year, we lost also her brother Sebastian in a freak accident.

I have no words to describe my pain and sense of loss. My heart is shattered and filled with sorrow.

Serena relaxing in her bedShe loved rolling on her back and wanted us to tickle her tummy...

My dog died but she will ALWAYS live in my heart

Serena found a way of escaping to our neighbour next door, who had a big male dog, but they were good friends, played and ate together. We didn't allow her to stay there for long and always brought her back.

The dog that bit her was a dog that runs on the streets - but I am speaking under correction - and who has bitten people and dogs before and has no vaccinations and is underfed.

We were all in the kitchen, with all our dogs,  and she must have sneaked out. The moment we found out, we started calling for her and went to check why she did not come.  She used to run so quickly to me every time I called...

Then, we found her wounded... She could hardly walk and was bleeding. She was rushed immediately to the emergency vet. I was disappointed with the treatment she received, as I have a lot of questions about it, and as she deteriorated, I had her moved to my vet.

Things were looking up yesterday, but it was just not meant to be. I am truly heartbroken, the pain is unbearable and I feel a big loss and a sense of emptiness. I feel like a failure, as both dogs died, and I have other dogs aged 14, 12, 4 and 1 who are all fine and don't run away like these two used to do.

Serena with her brotherThis is the last photo we took of Serena. She's with one of our her siblings, Sebastian.

Both Serena and Sebastian were street dogs. We showered them with so much love and attention, but they always loved sneaking out. We spent a fortune fencing off our property but...

My dog died and I just cannot describe my pain... My heart is shattered. I can't even sleep properly. Just the thought of all she went through, breaks my heart. She didn't deserve such a tragic death. She was such a loving and happy dog...

Rest In Peace My Girl

Dog owner and her beloved pet whot died in a tragic way.R.I.P. my sweet baby. I will ALWAYS remember you.

With her mom  Gloria Soares de Matos

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal


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