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My Dog Story About Gracie

Before you start reading Jane's "My Dog Story About Gracie", I think I should let you know a few things first. Jane is a nickname I picked. For her own reasons, she prefers ALL her personal information to remain private.

However, her story is 100% Real. 

Well, things had been REALLY ROUGH for Jane during the last 4 years.

She lost her most beloved person on earth on a tragic accident...

She had to resign from her job...

And finally she also had to move and sell her house…

As you can understand, she went through hell... She wrote me, "after the funeral was over and everyone had gone back home, I got to... where? I could hardly bear coming home. I had NO ONE here with me, no dog, cat, or anything to keep me company. I could hardly bear coming home, looking around, and see nobody here,"

But, life goes on and we all have to move on too... Although she had vowed to never get another dog (you see, she had had to have her last one put down) time had come for Jane to get a new dog!

So she started researching the different breeds to find one that fit her personality and lifestyle the most.

This Is My Dog Story (by Jane K.)

That's my girl! My forever companion,

one of the best things that ever happened to me!

Puppy photo of GracieThis is the very first picture I took of Gracie.

"And, here’s where my dog story begins. I decided on a Golden, so I started looking for puppies. The cheapest one I could find was $900! Completely out of my league! I had pretty much given up.

On Easter Sunday Morning, a friend of a friend told me about a litter of Golden Retriever puppies he had rescued. He wanted $250 for the males, and $350 for the only female he had. I thought, there is no way I can ever afford her... But the more I sat and thought, the more I was inclined to write him and... JUST ASK. So I wrote a message explaining that I really wanted to have the little girl but couldn't afford that much money all at once.  Maybe we could discuss and find a solution.

So, I sent it. Fifteen minutes later, he wrote me back, and said: "This is Easter. God gave His Son, Jesus, to us this day to die on the cross so we would be forgiven. We want to give this puppy to you as our Gift of Love!"

I was absolutely floored! And, he lived on my way to church. So I went by and got my little girl after church.

One of the Best and Most Wonderful Moments Of My Life. I named her Gracie, because I knew, that only by the grace of God, was I able to obtain her!

This is a picture of her today (November 2013)

Thank you for reading and publishing my dog story.


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