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"Napoleon, My First Puppy!"

by Kimberly
(Elkhart, Indiana)

My name is Kimberly and I want to tell you a story about me, my sister, Yelsi and my first dog. My family and I have moved from Indiana to Chicago. In the year of 2009, November 11, I was just 9 years old and my sister was 2. I always had good grades in school. I was in 4th grade and I asked my parents if we can go see the puppies. When we got to where the puppies were sold, I saw the puppy that I always wanted to care for, protect, and to be loyal to. My parents agreed it would be a loyal companion. The dog I picked was a Dachshund. My parents wanted a girl, but instead I told them a boy would be even better. They agreed with me. My parents paid half for the new puppy.

I was so happy to have my first puppy! "Finally, my wish has come true!" I said happily. By the next day, I've waited too long while I was at my babysitters house... It was 7:00. I kept thinking of the things I might do with my new puppy. My sister also thought what she might do too. When my parents came to pick me up and my sister, we saw the newcomer who has just became part of my family. When we went back home from the babysitter, I thought of names for him, and so one name came up to me. I had named my puppy Napoleon. I got his name from a movie called "Napoleon." A movie about a golden retriever puppy who wanted to be a wild dog.

I tried to make Napoleon feel at home. I tried everything. But nothing seemed to work. So I grabbed a stuffed animal and started to make growling noises so he could play. And he did start playing. My sister and I were so happy with Napoleon… Until one horrible day, when I showed the owner of the house my new puppy. He started asking, "Is the puppy yours?" "Yes. I really love him. And nothing is going to separate us." I said. He started to go talk to my mom. He said that we can no longer keep Napoleon with us… “He doesn't want animals here”, he said. That made me upset. So we gave him to a person that we know at the supermarket. But it was night. I really didn't want to let go of Napoleon. We gave him as a gift to a little girl. Her dad works there at the supermarket. When we left, my sister, my mom, and I were crying. My dad was at work. I was so disappointed. I had Napoleon's bed on mine. I really didn't feel any strength to do my homework. Nor to go to school the next day. It really hurt inside my chest. "Life isn't fair. It just isn't. God, what if that man had a dog that his kids loved so much, and the owner of his home didn't want him there? How would he feel about his kids? It's just not fair." I started saying when I was crying. My mom told me to do my homework, so I did. But I couldn't sleep all that night.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Napoleon. Suddenly, an idea came to my head. The next day, I drew a picture of Napoleon on the computer. My parents loved it. And they changed their minds. After school, we went to see if we could get Napoleon back. The person who had him said that he would be pleased to give us Napoleon back but we had to come back at the store at 8. When we came back, the owner was getting Napoleon from the back of the store. He was so happy to see us! And my family was happy to see him.

Three months have passed and the owner of the house has found out that we have Napoleon again. My mom called a friend of hers, if she wanted to keep Napoleon. The lady said yes. And I became really upset and started crying.

A year has past and I hadn't seen Napoleon. We moved to a new house...

One day, when I got home my parents told me that we are going to visit someone SPECIAL that day. When we got there I knew it was Napoleon, who was now 2 years old. And gosh was he a big boy! He kind of remembered us from his childhood. We went to a nearby park, where we can take Napoleon for a walk. It started to get chilly outside, so we took Napoleon back to his owner. I gave him my last hug and kiss from me. And told him that he was my hero. And in three years I came back here to Indiana, where I now belong. Now I'm 13 years old, Now Napoleon is 3. His birthday is on August 12. In all these 3 years, I've learned that I had to move on and not to look back. Because when you look back, it's just hard to forget and easy to remember. This was my whole story about me and Napoleon. I hope you like it.

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Jul 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

What a wonderful story, especially from a young girl your age. I hope that Napoleon's owners send you pictures of him so that you can see him grow and that someday you are able to get another puppy to love.

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