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Pictures Of Cute Dogs

You'll find all kinds of pictures of cute dogs on our site! Small Dogs, Big Dogs, Pitbulls black, white... We JUST LOVE them all!




"This is Lucky, our precious little dog, in bed!  Like the rest of the family, Lucky does not want to get up and face a cold Melbourne morning.

Actually, I think he would love just 5 more minutes of sleep..."

posted by Deon Smith

Sweet little dog sleeping under covers


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"Meet Andy. Our beautiful and funny Labradoodle that has changed our lives for the better!

Labradoodles are a gorgeous breed, hypoallegeric & nearly non shed!  Also, a dog that is really good with kids and very loyal. We idolize him and he us!"

by Jacki Hogan, Ireland

Beaudiful white  Labraddodle

Our Sweet Tazzy

Tazzy was a rescue who had a very tough beginning in life when he was a baby. Now, he is the sweetest, most lovable pup you ever want to meet!

Tazzy is very special and has helped my husband immensely with his PTSD and TBI that he had a hard time dealing with. Until we found this little sweetie. We have had him since 5 months of age.

One more thing we would like to add is that we got him through Paws of New England who work with a woman that rescues all types, ages, and breeds of dogs. She had 90 plus at one time...

So if your looking to adopt look her up on facebook (her name is Julie Adams) and she will hook you up. She even goes as far as sending a video of the pup you want to adopt!!!

submitted by Michelle Pendergrace, West Wareham MA  U.S.

Family dog sitting by the door.

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Her name is Happy and she's one of the most mellow dogs I've ever met! A rescue that has finally found love in her forever home with an elderly couple.

They're a perfect match!

Happy dog going for a walk

My Cute Larinha

Meet my Larinha! She's 1 year old, very hectic and with a really strong personality!

But, at the same time, she's so sweet and tender...

by Monica Celli,

São Paulo,SP, Brasil

Proud owner participating at Dogs' Walking Day with her little pooch

July 7th, Dog's Walking Day in Santos/SP, Brasil

Vai Brasil!!!

Cute small doggie from Brasil watching World Cup 2014

Larinha , all dressed up and ready to watch the opening game of the

2014 World Cup!

Don't know her name but... I just couldn't resist photographing this pretty pooch I met and add it to this "pictures of cute dogs" page!

Waiting for mommy


This is my Jenny! Such a cutie pie...

submitted by Shubham Singh, India

Smiling doggie from India


Our Lucky, posing in the snow with his stylish and warm winter coat!

submitted by Maciej Kasia Lange, from Polland

Stylish small dog wearing his winter coat


(Special Needs Dogs Are VERY Cute too)

"This is my adorable dog, Belinda! She suffered a severe ruptured disc in September 2009 and - despite undergoing spinal surgery, physiotherapy, swimming, etc.- she became paralyzed in the rear legs... 

Daschunds are very prone to spinal (disc) problems, as 1 in 4 daschunds, will suffer a ruptured disc at some stage of their lives. The secret is to rush them as soon as possible to a facility where they are trained on performing spinal surgery, as every minute counts against them. We nearly lost her after the op, as she developed pneumonia...

She is a blessing to us, she is my youngest daughter's baby, as she bought her at 8 weeks... Belinda has been happy and fine, without any health problems, since she suffered the rupture 5 years ago, but we take great care of her to avoid infections, etc.

Inside the house, she scoots around on her bum, outdoors she goes on the wheel cart we bought for her. She has been quite healthy and is a very happy girl."

by Gloria Soares de Matos, South Africa

Special needs dashchund with her cart


Beauty has no age limits! Mirka was almost 13 when this photo was taken. She crossed the rainbow bridge a year later...

Portrait of senior white dog


This is my happy-lucky dog, Roza! The inspiration for this site! You'll see many pictures of cute dogs on this site and I have to admit they are all sooooo beautiful.

But, my heart belongs to this girl! You know what they say, "Everyone thinks their dog is the best and everyone is right!

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MY Border Collie-English Setter Mix rescue dog sitting on the balcony

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