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Pitbull Photos

Original Pitbull Photos submitted by our visitors! Let's get to meet some of these gorgeous  -yet so misunderstood- creatures!

My Spoiled Girl, Jerzzy

Look at that smiling face...

"This is Jerzzy. She is my pride and joy! She is 4 years old and spoiled rotten. Well, I wouldn't have it any other way....

Jerzzy has many toys, but she loves her "red bone" in particular.  She also likes to steal mommy's mtn dew when she thinks no one is looking..." 

submitted by Lashawn, Ohio

Comment, by Anonymous

"I was always afraid of pit bulls as I'd heard so many horror stories... But I've met a few and they have been so wonderful...I have to say that Jerzzy is one of the prettiest dogs I have ever seen and you can sure see her attitude through that smile... You have a friend and a protector for life"

Pitbull Photos Of Four Siblings

Patsy Ward Brewer, from Alabama, USA shared the photos of her four adorable pitbulls with us on our Facebook Page

Our Smiling Girl, Montana

"This is Montana! She was the only puppy that survived in the litter. Montana had to fight for every meal and we believe that's why she eats like it's her last...
She is an old soul now but we love her so much!"

My Prince...

Pitbull photos, Prince

"Here's my Prince! He's one of the sweetest, most sensitive PitBulls that I know...

He is loved by everyone that he meets him"


Roxy entered Patsy’s life 7 years ago. And stays by her side everyday to remind everyone what a great, good hearted boy her son was. He was the one who saved her.

Tragically, he lost his life just one month later...

"This is our lovely Pit bull Roxy. Her nickname is Roo-Roo because she makes a sound like she's saying that!!!

My son rescued her from a yard when her previous owners moved away and… just left her behind.

He was killed in a wreck one month later...We didn't have the heart to let her go so we have had her for 7 years now. We love this girl so much!"

Bear,  the Alpha Dog of the Pack...

Some More Pitbull Photos

Our next dog comes from Bangkok, Thailand!

Meet William, the Red Nose Pitbull!


Pitbull photos, William with his grandpa

Our red nose pit-bull terrier with grandpa... William became a member of our family 6 years ago and he is a true gentleman! Every night, before going to bed with Grandma, he never forgets to give her a long, sandpaper good night kiss all over her face...

Poor Grandma has to go and wash her face only after he falls asleep, never letting him know because she doesn't want to hurt his feeling…We know that' s his way to express his love! We all love you so much cute red nose !!!

                                                                                          by Beloved Gwen

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