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Welcome to happy-lucky-dog.com!

My name is Elisavet Grekopoulou and I'm the owner and webmaster of this site.

And, of course, I'm the proud mom of Roza who has been the inspiration for building it!

Roza is an “only child” and the first and only dog I've ever had in my life! In fact, not many of my family members or friends had any pets at the time we adopted her back in 2005.

I know this is not something you hear often when making contact with people who have some kind of pet-related business or site. The usual scenario is “I grew up with dogs, I've always had many dogs in my life etc”.

So, how did I end up building a whole site with information, tips, and advice about dogs you might wonder. Well, life led me to that.

Sharing my life 24/7 with a dog that I love more than words could describe and, at the same time, having almost zero real- life experience with dogs, could only lead me to one thing: “EDUCATE MY SELF”. 


The very first photos of the two of us. August 2005

One of my very first photos with Roza.
Fist day at home

And this is exactly what I did. The vet became one of my best friends! I read books, I searched (and still do) the internet for hours and hours. I made new friends with dogs (it's SO easy to make new friends when you have a dog!), I studied, I asked.

Throughout all these years I made mistakes but I also found solutions to a number of problems most dog owners will surely face. Opening your heart to a dog opens a whole new chapter in life, the "I REALLY TRULY DEEPLY LOVE AND WANT TO HELP ALL DOGS" chapter!

Dogs and everything about them became my passion. I absolutely love seeing their photos and reading their stories.  I love taking pictures of them. Literally, I have several thousands of dog pictures on my pc (half of them are Roza's of course).

The internet is full of cute pictures of dogs and smiling owners. All of them spotlessly clean and happy. We all enjoy watching funny videos and seeing cute puppies but let's be honest, real life is not like that. At least, not always.

My own decision to adopt Roza was very spontaneous. I mean I knew I wanted a dog, and I was pretty much sure I knew everything I needed to know before getting her home.

I was wrong... I knew nothing. But I loved her instantly and took full responsibility for this girl from the moment I signed her adoption papers.

Photos of the very first day Roza came to live with us

So, I've built this site to share all the knowledge I've gained during the last 12 years -mostly with people who are new to dog parenting- and to help them find real solutions to problems I'm sure they'll meet while raising one (or more) dog/s. My ambition is that this site will cover all the important concerns of a dog parent, from finding the perfect name for a new puppy to dealing with serious behavioral problems.

Also, my vision is that this site would become a friendly place to ALL dog owners who would like to share their stories and photos with people who love dogs and can appreciate them. A friendly place where people feel free to ''brag'' about their unique fur-babies or share their memories and honor a dog that is no longer with them.

Happy Lucky Dog.com gave me the opportunity to communicate with so many different people from all around the world and adding content and more pages is always an enjoyable and rewarding task for me.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site as much I enjoy writing content for it.

Thank you so much for visiting,

Elisavet Grekopoulou & Roza

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