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Cute Dog Pictures

Everyone loves cute dog pictures. It's one of those precious "little things" that can make you smile, even on the hardest days... Make your heart melt. That's what cute dogs do!

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In my site you'll find pictures of cute dogs from my personal photo collection (a really big collection), cute dog photos of my pooch, my friends' dogs, dogs we meet during our daily walks and many more! Also, in this page you'll find some Great Tips on Taking Beautiful Photographs of Your Pet.

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This is Hera! All smiles...

Our smiling girl,Hera

Meet Casper! Resting at his favorite spot and posing for a great shot. 

Dog sitting on doorstep

That's my girl Roza! She has been my inspiration for building this site...

My dog posing next to flourishing bougainvilleas

"Just a quick smile from my dog, Lightning! She is a rescue dog, about 9 years old and my BEST BUDDY"

submitted by Jake Marble

Happy dog with a big smile on her face.

Tips on Taking Great Photographs of Your Dog

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to capture some of your dog's best moments? Sometimes that's easy, but there are times when the moment is gone before you even get your camera... There are a few simple TIPS to help you when photographing your little friend.

  • Think about your dog’s daily routine. Think of those moments you usually stop and say “oh…that’s so cute”? It doesn’t have to be something "special". A sleeping dog can be a great topic for a cute dog picture.
  • Keep your camera in the same, easy to reach, place. Once you’ve spotted your dog doing something you’d like to photograph go and get it. It is even better to turn it on in a different room as many dogs get upset by the opening sound and stop what they were doing.
  • Carry the camera with you (or use your cell phone’s camera) when you walk the dog. That is a great opportunity to take lovely photos in different decors, with other dogs etc.
  • Get in close or use the zoom if your camera offers this function.
  • Get down on the dog’s level. This is very important for a natural outcome.
  • Avoid using the flash, as many dogs get frightened (not mine, she has become so used to being photographed that she poses for me).
  • Pay attention to the background. This is one more secret for cute dog pictures.
  • Follow your dog when s/he doesn’t see you and you’ll have the opportunity to take some of your best photos.
  • Take a lot of pictures. The more shots taken the better chances for you to get a great photo.
  • Ask for help. A second person with your dog’s favorite treats will make your job much easier. Use treats, toys or whatever catches your dog’s attention.
  • Include other people or pets in your photos.
  • Make sure that you have plenty of space on your memory card and new or charged batteries.

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Some More Cute Dog Pictures

Dog walking on leash

"This is Rocki enjoying the sun..."

submitted by Sheryl Oleson Wachter

Male Weimaraner staring out the window

Beautiful like the flowers!

submitted by Monniek De Bruyn Faul

Small dog standing on the table.

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