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Big Dogs Pictures

Unique Big Dog Pictures! Beautiful fur-babies' photos submitted by our visitors, people who follow our facebook page and, of course, from my personal collection!

I'm sure you'll LOVE THEM ALL! 



Adorable Weimaraner!  I love her floppy ears... Don't you just wanna hug this beautiful girl?                                 

by Sheryl Oleson Wachter


This is William, the red nose Pit bull from Thailand!

William lives with his rescue sister Poon and his brother Kafe, also a rescue, with a wonderful family in Bangkok, Thailand.

submitted by Beloved Gwen

CLICK HERE to see Williams' puppy picture! And many more cute puppy photos!


 This is my Collie Lingy! Happiness is written all over his face...

submitted by Karen Jurgensen, Australia


And this handsome boy is Casper! Our neighbor's Golden Retriever. Casper is so  gentle, sweet and docile... There is something really special about his soft brown eyes...

Everyone (and I mean it, E V E R Y O N E) loves Casper!


"Junior, sitting on his throne!  Junior and Jake are my two rescued babies (they’re both 9 years old now) and I LOVE them to bits. They're also my Picassos… Great window art from both of them… "

by Julie Macbeth

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"This is my smiling Sammy!I took him on the beach, it was a lovely day today... He had a great time paddling in the waves, chancing stick and smelling all the lovely smells!"

                                                      by Alvilda Breeze, New Zealand


Meet Hera, one of the most sweet dogs I've ever met!

Hera was a hunting dog that just couldn’t hunt.  Actually, she had retrieved something once… A tortoise! Her owner wasn’t happy at all, in fact he was very angry, and was thinking  to abandon and just "get rid of her".

Fortunately, a good man overheard a conversation about Hera and her owner’s intention and decided to save her.

Now, this happy girl lives at the caring man’s parents’ house, where is treated like a Real Princess!  

Logan, Deja Vu & Tank

by Laurie Frahm Shaw


"Meet our precious baby boy, Jesse!"

by Carrrie Prentice


"Quincy, checking out the cattle! He takes his job very seriously as you can see… He is almost 13 years old." 

                                                                                      by Sylvia Schaffler

Quincy is a rescue and his family doesn't know his exact age since they didn't get him as a puppy


"This is my big dog Ike! He’s a 4 year old Italian Greyhound. The biggest of the toy breeds!  When we visit the dog part, we go to the big dogs side. He can out run A N Y B O D Y..."

Posted by Amy Jensen Morrow

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