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Cute Dog Photos

YOUR Dog Photos! Because that's what this page is all about!

Unique cute dog photos submitted by people who visited our facebook page and wished to share their photos and the love for their precious pets with the world!



cute dog photos_Jake

"This is my Jake, AKA Mr. Whimpers!"

                                 by Cookie Vila

cute dog photos_Pluto

Meet Pluto! This photo was taken as he was waiting

for his human brother to get out of school.

                  by Melissa Brown Benton

cute dog photos Ozzy

“This is Ozzy, my happy mutt!!! He is just adorable."

by Adelita Cutié Suárez

cute dog photos Chase

"Meet my happy Boxer dog! Her name is Chase"

                              by Jackie Currie

cute dog photos Rafa

                             "This is my happy baby boy, Rafa. He's a 7-year old Retriever

                        crossed with a Wolfhound. THE most placid dog I've ever known!"
                                                                                     by Claire O' Connor

cute dog photosPluto

"This is Pluto, my German Shepherd cross Chow, who was found by my son dumped in a hole when he was about 6 weeks old... He has been neutered, immunized & dewormed. Pluto is 2 years old.

A real part of our feline and canine family!!!"

                                                                             by Gloria Soares de Matos


Some more of your cute dog photos...

 "Me and my dog Mylo!"

                    by Anne-Marrie Crowley

cute dog photos Dewey

"This is Dewey, my 11yr old Sheltie! Dewey is my second Sheltie. He is the sweetest dog… Well, actually all my dogs are such GREAT PETS!!!
                       by Sheri Lynn Samson

"My baby boy Mac"

 by Linda McLachlan

Want to see some Cute Puppy Photos? I'm sure you do!

cute dog photos Diesel

"My 9 yr old baby Diesel....Mastiff x Boxer"
by Pie Sampson from Perth, Australia

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cute dog photos Bullwinkle

This is my Bullwinkle, German Short-haired Pointer, saying "come on...play ball with me!" 

by Sheryl Oleson Wachter


Are you one of those people who find it really challenging to get some great shots of your pet?  I mean, you know that you have one (or more...) absolutely gorgeous dogs. But then, why you never seem to get some really good photos of them? Well, you're not the only one. And you certainly don't have to be a professional photographer for that.  But, you DO have to learn some TIPS.

For example, one of the most common mistakes people do when photographing pets is that they don't get down on the pet's level... Interested to learn more? CLICK HERE AND FIND OUT EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW.

cute dog photos Gizmo

Her name is Gizmo! She's an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie/Lab Mix

posted by Cross Roads

And some MORE of your cute dog photos...

cute dog photos two beautiful dogs

"My 2 boys. Love them heaps..."
photo submitted by Karen Jurgensen,

(taken at Silverleigh Queensland Australia)

cute dog photos Napoleon

"Napoleon, my first puppy

Photo posted by Kimberly

You can read Napoleon's story and see more photos HERE

cute dog photos Rocky

Rocky the Weimaraner!

Posted by Sheryl Oleson Wachter

cute dog photos Banjo

"Banjo and his ball, which is with him at ALL times..."

by Nici Mamacos

cute dog photos Brodie

"Brodie celebrated her 5th Birthday!"
By Sylvia Seymour

cute dog photos Japanese Chins

"Two beautiful Japanese Chins! Left: Buddy, who is 10 years old and Right: Geisha who is 14! Both came from a rescue 6 years ago!

Posted by David Labor


cute dog photos Ruby

"This is my much loved kelpie girl Ruby! She is certainly a happy, lucky dog, too. I adopted her after someone dumped her in the forest at 5 months of age"

by Anissa Gömann

cute dog photos Kiela

Meet Kiela, the dog who thinks he is a cat!
“This is Kiela, my cross bull/chow who sometimes thinks he is a cat… Kiela is also a real softy, loves everyone and rubs himself against your legs like a cat does! He is more chow but has the bull fur. All my babies have lovely natures, I am really lucky to have them in my life. Loves them all dearly!!!
By Teri Longrigg

cute dog photos big dog small dog

"Our protector, Ozzie with his brother Chewbucca"

by Tara Harrison

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