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Only Healthy Dog Treats
For Your Dog

Why only healthy dog treats? Because giving unhealthy snacks to our dogs can cause serious health problems to them. It’s that simple! Healthy doesn't mean tasteless of course... You probably already have lots of stuff in your cupboard and fridge that would make a perfectly healthy and yummy treat for your dog!

We all know that dogs love treats and they would do almost ANYTHING to get one! Well, it seems that their owners love them too!  I don't mean eating the treats of course. But, I'm sure we all LOVE the excitement in our dog's face waiting for a cookie! 

That's the main reason why people buy dog treats in every possible flavor, shape and fancy package wishing to satisfy their little furry friends.

Cute pug waiting for his healthy dog treatsWhere is my treat?

However, is this really our best option? It is common knowledge that the majority of ready-made food (human and dog food) is full of preservatives, additives and other dangerous chemicals.

What About Some Home-Made Treats?

Thinking about making your own homemade treats? Are you looking for the perfect healthy dog treat recipe for easy dog treats for everyday or gourmet dog treats for special occasions? Easy to make, inexpensive and - most important of all - irresistible to your dog?

Here you'll find everything you're looking for! Great recipes with ingredients you choose.

Healthy dog treats EVERYONE can make. Most of them can be done in less than 15 minutes!

Ingredients for healthy dog treatsIngredients I use when making treats for my dog

Before you begin making your own treats it's important to underline a few basics things you must know when giving them to your dog.


This is very important. Some dog biscuits can be high calorie treats but we tend to ignore that because they are small and dogs devour them in seconds!  One cookie is not a problem of course.

The Question Is: Can You Give Your Dog Just One?

In some recipes you'll see ingredients like milk, oil, liver or a teaspoon of garlic. That doesn't mean it's OK to give a cup of milk to your dog. These ingredients make your treats taste better and are safe to use in small amounts. But they can cause stomach upsets and other health problems if given in excess or too often. Click to see the list of all the dangerous foods for dogs you should NEVER use for your healthy dog treats

Having said that, let's see what you CAN USE for your recipes.

What is safe to use when making healthy dog treats

  • Cheese

  • Chicken or beef broth

  • Cottage Cheese and Yogurt

  • Eggs

  • Flour

  • Healthy leftovers

  • Meat (chicken, pork, beef,turkey)

  • Milk

  • Oatmeal
  • Peanut Butter

  • Pop corn

  • Rice

  • Pasta

  • Fruits (apples and bananas are great)

  • Tuna

  • Salmon

  • Vegetables (carrots,peas,fresh beans)

On the other hand, there are foods that are absolutely forbidden for a dog. You may have heard about chocolate and grapes. These two are extremely toxic foods for dogs.

However, there are many more in the list with the foods a dog should avoid. So, before you start baking please CLICK to see what you should NEVER use in homemade dog treat recipes.

REMEMBER What you believe is healthy for you might be poisonous to your doggy!

So, are you ready to make the best dog treats? You know what they say... Nothing compares to FOOD  Made With Love! And dog treats I would add. Well, what are you waiting for? Wake up the sleeping chef in you and get in the kitchen! Your dog will thank you for that. CLICK and find recipes for Easy Dog Treats and Gourmet Dog Treat Recipes

My dog has just tasted a healthy treatRoza has approved ALL the recipes you'll find here

How about making your own dog food? That's a great idea too! Click for Homemade Dog Food Recipes

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