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Here Are All Happy-Lucky-Dog's New Pages & Blog Posts

Dec 05, 2017

I'm On Guard Here

A faithful dog would protect his family with his own life!

Guard dog standing on his hind legs

Dec 01, 2017

Can I Come Under The Blanket ?

My sweet fur-baby

Nov 30, 2017

Early Morning Mist

My enjoying early morning walk

Nov 26, 2017

The Sweetest Soul

My senior dog enjoying the good weather

Nov 13, 2017

Happy Monday

My dog happy at the woods

Nov 08, 2017

I'm All Ears

Dogs never talk about themselves but listent to you while you talk about yourself, and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation. - Jerome K. Jerome

Small dog with big ears

Nov 06, 2017

This Couch Is Taken

Sorry, but I jumped on the couch first...

My dog always gets the best seat in our house

Oct 23, 2017

Thanks For The Advice

Smelling the flowers... it takes seconds and can shift your mood like magic!

My dog stopped to smell little yellow wild flowers

Oct 22, 2017

Cute As A Puppy

Roza became 13 years old last August and as you can see in the photo I took a few days ago, she is still as cute as a puppy!

My beautiful senior dog enjoying sunny afternoon

Oct 12, 2017

Cute Dog Pictures

Cute Dog Pictures is a free remedy for bad mood! Find pictures of cute dogs and also photography TIPS on how to take great dog pictures yourself.

Continue reading "Cute Dog Pictures"

Oct 11, 2017

Enjoying Autumn

Cute dog sitting on Autumn leaves

Oct 10, 2017


Petting one of my many furry friends

Oct 09, 2017

Lazy Monday Mood

My senior dog is feeling lazy today

Oct 02, 2017

Amazing Dog Love Story Between a Great Dane and the Royal Navy Sailors.

This unique dog love story is about Just Nuisance.The only dog EVER to be officially enlisted in the Royal Navy!

Continue reading "Amazing Dog Love Story Between a Great Dane and the Royal Navy Sailors."

Sep 27, 2017

One Syllable Dog Names

One syllable dog names is YOUR BEST OPTION when choosing a name for your new friend.

Continue reading "One Syllable Dog Names"

Sep 27, 2017

Heat Stroke In Dogs - Symptoms and Prevention

Heat stroke in dogs is a very serious condition that could KILL your beloved pet in less than 10 minutes!. Learn how to prevent and deal with this situation.

Continue reading "Heat Stroke In Dogs - Symptoms and Prevention"

Sep 27, 2017

Smile Baby

My happy dog smiling after a long walk

Sep 25, 2017

Funny Dog Quotes-Time For A Break!

Funny dog quotes you'll love. Only the best and funniest quotations about our furry friends.

Continue reading "Funny Dog Quotes-Time For A Break!"

Sep 25, 2017

Dog Quotes And Sayings

Dog quotes and sayings you'll absolutely love! Words of wisdom to brighten your day and inspire you.

Continue reading "Dog Quotes And Sayings"

Sep 24, 2017

Boy Dog Names You'll Love

Βest boy dog names for you and your new boy. The perfect name is just one CLICK away!

Continue reading "Boy Dog Names You'll Love"

Sep 22, 2017

Perfect Girl Dog Names For Your Perfect Girl

Looking for girl dog names? Here you'll find the ONLY THE BEST! More than 300 carefully selected names for your female dog.

Continue reading "Perfect Girl Dog Names For Your Perfect Girl"

Sep 19, 2017

Top White Dog Names For Your White Beauty

Browse top white dog names, all carefully selected, and I'm sure you'll find the perfect one for your precious pooch!

Continue reading "Top White Dog Names For Your White Beauty"

Sep 19, 2017

The Amazing Story Of Hachiko

The true story of Hachiko, the Akita Inu who became a legend for his loyalty and devotion to his master.

Continue reading "The Amazing Story Of Hachiko"

Sep 17, 2017

Fur-ever Friends

Sweet looking boxer puppy

Sep 15, 2017

It's Finally Friday

Happy dog jumping

Sep 12, 2017

Those Magical Fibers

My dog emits love

And she sheds TONS of them all over our house... Thanks for the love baby!

Sep 10, 2017

Always By Your Side Mommy

Small dog at the mall

Sep 08, 2017

My Dog Rooney

This is my dog Rooney. He is a male chihuahua... at least that's what I think. Everyone calls him a furry sausage though, and one girl kept arguing with

Continue reading "My Dog Rooney"

Sep 07, 2017

Follow The Paw Prints

Small dog and owner sitting by the river

Aug 30, 2017

Goodbye Summer

We're going to miss you sweet summer. And are dogs too...

Happy dog enjoying last day of summer tat the beach

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