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The Amazing Story Of Hachiko

Do you know the story of Hachiko? You may have watched the movie but do you know the REAL STORY?

It's one of the most inspiring dog stories that took place in Japan many years ago.

It is story about a dog, an Akita Inu, and his legendary LOVE and bond with his master!

All began on January 1924 when Eisaburo (Hidesaburo) Ueno, a professor at the Department of Agriculture at the University of Tokyo, decided to adopt a puppy. A golden brown Akita Inu puppy that was born two months ago.

Professor Ueno named him Hachiko (Hachi).

Bronze Statue of HachiThis is a replica of the original statue of Hatchiko. One of the most famous meeting points in Tokyo!

Photo courtesy of Chi (back in Oz)

Thanks to the love and attention of the professor, the little puppy soon grew up to become a beautiful Akita that used to follow his master everywhere! Day after day, it became a pleasant routine for Hatchi to accompany his owner every morning at 9 am to the Shibuya Station when he left for his work.

And he was also there, standing by the ticket gate, every evening at 6 pm to take professor Ueno back home. Every Single Day

Unfortunately, Hatchi’s happy days didn’t last long. On May 21, 1925, Professor Ueno did not return at the station. Sadly, he had suffered a stroke while being at work and passed away. Poor Hachi waited for him, as always.

Waited...and waited...and waited...

After a while, professor Ueno’s family decided to send Hachiko to live with some relatives. However, the loyal Akita found the way to escape and return back home. Later, they gave him to a professor’s former gardener (who knew the dog since he was a little puppy) but Hachiko returned home again.

The loyal Akita was looking for his master...

Only after realizing that professor was no longer living in that house the faithful dog decided to search for him elsewhere.

The amazing story of Hachiko goes on as the dog decided to do the only thing he knew to get him close to his master.

He started going at the Shibuya Station every morning at 9 am and every evening at 6 pm hoping to spot him in the crowd. And continued to do this, day after day, for the NEXT 10 YEARS!

People started to notice Hachi and give him food and treats. His story and photographs were published in local and national newspapers and soon he became some sort of celebrity. A True Symbol Of Loyalty!

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On April 21, 1934, a bronze statue of Hachiko (made by sculptor Tern Ando) was placed in front of the ticket gate at the Shibuya Station to honor this amazing dog. In 1944, during World War II, this first statue was melted down. However, the sculptor’s son, Takeshi Ando, made a replica of the original statue, which stands at the Shibuya Station today and is one of the most popular meeting points for the locals and, of course, tourists.

Hachiko lived all his life in the streets, fed by people who recognized him and learned his heart melting story.

This is how the story of Hachiko ends

On March 8, 1935, Hatchiko was found dead. At last, time had arrived for this unique creatire to reunite with his owner. A stuffed figure of Hachiko can be seen in the National Science Museum of Japan, in Ueno, and his memory is still honored every year by many dog lovers in Japan.


The story of Hachiko and his legendary faithfulness has also been the inspiration for a very touching movie with Richard Gere.

NOTE:             If you feel uncomfortable crying in front of other people

you'd better watch it alone.


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