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Choosing The Right Dog Is Important

Choosing the RIGHT DOG is the first and most important decision you have to make when thinking about getting one. A decision that will influence your whole life for the next 10-15 (even more, if you're lucky) years. 

All puppies are simply A D O R A B L E!  So cute, so soft and playful. And, when a little  puppy jumps on your lap looking at you with those loving eyes... Well, choosing a puppy can become really difficult.

All dogs deserve a good home. And you feel ready to provide such a good home. 

 Just Remember:



Please, always keep that in mind,

no matter how adorable a dog looks

Your dog will need quality food, fresh water, walks, toys, treats and also medical care, grooming, bathing and someone to take care of her accidents in the house. In other words, a dog wants some of your time and money (in some cases lots of patience too) EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE for the next 10-15 years (and even more). 

There is a list of things you have to consider when choosing the right dog for you. You probably have heard about some, while others may sound obvious.

Keep reading and I’m sure that you’ll find some very useful information on how to choose a dog that suits your lifestyle the most.

What do you want from a dog?

I mean, how do you see the two of you? Jogging at the beach or cuddling on the couch?

Do you want a strong athletic dog or a little cuddly one?

Happy young lady having fun with her dog at the beachSpending quality time helps to create a strong bond with your dog

Do you have any special needs?

  • Let’s say, a dog to protect your property?
  • Do you have a particular breed in mind? Do you know the characteristics and special needs of that breed?

There is so much information available on dog breeds that I suggest you do some research and read relevant books and articles before you choose a dog.

Most importantly, talk to people who live with dogs, especially dogs like the one you have in mind! 

Register to dog forums and see what dog owners discuss about. Post your own questions and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the response. People who love dogs also love talking about them and share their experiences! This valuable, first hand information will certainly help you choose a dog that is perfect for you.

Do NOT make your decision to adopt a puppy or a dog based solely on appearance. Obviously, you have to like your dog but you also have to know him/her. Breed, size and temperament are the important factors for your decision before bringing a new dog home.

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Big Dog or Small dog?

Small dog and big dog looking at each otherChoosing JUST ONE of them would be such a hard decision to make.

Be honest with yourself. Can you handle a big dog? Will you be able to handle him or her in five years? Big dogs are really strong and if not properly trained some serious problems might occur.

There will be times when you’ll have to control your big strong dog. Let’s say a stray cat or other animal comes to your way and the dog feels the urge to chase them. Or an unexpected sound, like an ambulance or a police siren might frighten him. Do you feel confident that you’ll be able to manage any situation?

Big dogs also require more food, more exercise, more space, more medical expenses, more toys, more of everything actually. Can you afford it?

Be realistic and choosing the right dog will become much easier.

Also, many people are afraid of big dogs. Sad but true... (We L O V E big dogs here. And have a page full of big dogs'pictures on our site) So be prepared. In case you want a friend or relative to help you with your dog are you sure that they’ll be willing to do it?

On the other hand, a small dog seems like an easier option (of course, there is a page dedicated to small dogs' photos too).  In many cases it is. Small dogs are still dogs though. They need exercise and proper socialization. Many dog owners tend to forget that and treat small dogs like babies. Don’t become one of them! You’ll end up with an unsocial and very unhappy dog.

Small dogs are also more delicate and need gentle treatment. Sometimes, you have to be careful not to step on them!

Small dogs and small children is also a matter of concern. Sometimes children want to play rough, pulling ears and tails or pushing hard. A small dog can easily get frightened and even hurt.

Always remember that small dogs can bite too. CLICK to learn about good dogs for kids.

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Some more things to consider BEFORE choosing the right dog

A puppy or an adult dog?

Apart from the obvious reason that puppies are so cute and irresistible,  many people want to adopt or buy a puppy because they feel the bond with their dog will be stronger and training will be easier. This is partially true, as raising a puppy means that you’ll have the opportunity to set the rules from a very early age and correct any unacceptable behavior at a very primary stage.

However, it also means that you must have the time, energy and patience to teach the puppy ALL it needs to learn. Something else you have to consider when choosing the right dog is that a little puppy cannot stay alone in the house for long hours. At least during the first months of its life. If you have a new baby in the house a new puppy is also not such a good idea also Read More About Babies and Dogs

Most important of all. This cute little face is NOT THE DOG you are going to live with for the next 10-15 years. This sweet phase will only last for a few months. Then you’ll finally see the adult dog you are going to share your life with.

So, maybe you would like to consider the option of adopting an adult dog. In that case, what you see is what you get. No surprises about the size! It is also possible that an adult dog has already been given some training by the previous owner.

You may think that all dogs given for adoption come with some sort of problems. That is not true. There are many reasons why a dog ends up in a shelter. In many cases the dog has nothing to do with it. The death of its owner, some serious health situation or big lifestyle changes could lead a perfectly good dog to a shelter.

Maybe a senior or handicapped dog is best for you!

Selecting a senior or a dog with special needs could be also an option for you. Not an easy decision but the reward is so great that I invite you to give it a second thought.

This kind of adoption requires a little more of your time, patience and money but the reward is really great. In some cases it is the perfect choice. For example, if you are not very young yourself maybe you find the company of an elderly dog best for you.

A Purebred or a Mixed breed dog?

Driving home with our dogTaking our furry baby Roza home with us. She knew she was going to her FOREVER home.

To my opinion, this depends totally on your taste and your needs. Is there a particular reason for wanting a purebred dog? Do you want a dog to protect your property? Are there any special traits you wish your new friend to have? Or you just feel in love with the looks and long silky coat of a purebred cocker spaniel for instance?

Just remember. Purebred puppies are quite expensive and in many cases you have to wait until the puppy is ready to leave its pack and come into your arms. A responsible, well-reputable breeder is your best option for getting one and also the right person to answer all your questions about the breed.

If you want to adopt an adult dog you can always find excellent purebred dogs to one of the many specialized dog rescue organizations.

One last thing about purebred dogs. You are not buying a dog that comes with a guarantee of health and temperament. You can have a pretty good idea of what the dog will look like as an adult but unpredictable health or behavioral problems might occur with these dogs too.

The other option when choosing the right dog is to select your own, totally unique, mixed breed dog. In most cases you can have a pretty good idea of the breeds involved in the dog but you cannot be sure about the size and its looks until a little puppy is all grown up.

Mixed breed dogs are beautiful, intelligent, loyal and affectionate and it is also said that they have less health issues and tend to live longer than purebreds.

There are so many and so great mixed breed dogs and puppies out there waiting for their forever home... If you feel that you can provide such a good home don't hesitate. Go and adopt one of them. It will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.

Male or Female

This is a matter of personal preference. You may have heard that male dogs are more aggressive or that female dogs are easier to train. Talk to people who live with dogs and you'll hear about submissive males and "difficult" females. Each dog is unique and it is mainly a matter of breed and personality rather than gender.

Spay your female or neuter your male dog. This simple medical procedure will prevent many problems (unwanted pregnancies, blood stains, urine marking, change in mood) and also bad and embarrassing behaviors (aggression, humping or mounting).

Choosing the right dog is not difficult after all! I really hope all the information given here will help you make the right choice and enjoy a great life with your dog.

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