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Dog Bed Wetting
A Problem That Takes Most Dog Owners By Surprise  

Dog bed wetting is a BIG PROBLEM that usually occurs without any previous signs.

So, you have a fully house trained and well behaved dog. Everything is fine. And, suddenly, one day you find a wet spot on your dog’s bed. Or -in case your dog sleeps on your bed- you wake up in wet sheets...

“What happened here?” you wonder. "My dog has never done this before.... Sounds familiar?

You feel frustrated and want to fix the problem immediately. I REALLY sympathize with you. 


First of all, let us all dog lovers here agree on one thing. Sometimes, our precious dogs can have strange and even disgusting behaviors we don’t like to talk about...

However, just because we don’t like talking about dog bed wetting with others that doesn’t mean we have to live with the problem. Right?

The first step is to define the nature of this situation. When a dog pees on the bed it is either something physical  (and should be treated by a Vet), or it is a behavioral problem that YOU have to correct. Of course, we are talking about adult dogs that go on daily walks at least twice a day or have access to some place they can go to relieve themselves.


Small dog feeling embarrassed because she had an accident on the owner's bed...Feeling so sorry I peed on your bed...

Specific Factors Indicating Dog Bed Wetting
Is A Medical Issue

  • Your dog pees while she is sleeping.

  • You have an old dog. She just cannot hold it. Problems with bladder control is a common sign of aging.
  • Combined with other symptoms, like the change of appetite, lethargy or vomiting might be the start of other serious illnesses (diabetes, kidney or bladder problems).
  • Urine has a strange odor, color or you notice blood in it.
  • The dog faces difficulties to jump off your bed.
  • She hurts when urinating and seeks for a comfortable place to do it. The bed is soft and smells nice...
  • You’ve noticed that the dog drinks too much water. Are you giving him any human food? Or maybe more dog treats than you should? Click if you want to read more about healthy dog treats and dangerous foods for dogs.

Your Dog Bed Wetting Problem Might Be
A Behavioral Issue

  • You have a male dog that hasn’t been neutered and is trying to mark its territory.
  • The dog is facing extreme anxiety. To my experience, this is so true...It was a one time incident but our dog peed on the bed and two couches!  If a dog’s family is dealing with some serious and stressful situation, and I’m sure you know how dogs sense these things, it is possible that s/he goes peeing on your bed to find comfort and relax herself. The bed has the scent of her most loved ones and for some reason dogs find it soothing to pee there. It is more or less the same as with small children that wet their bed when something is not going well at home.
  • The bed has a remaining urine odor which forces the dog to pee the spot again. You may not notice that but your dog’s strong nose does. Unfortunately, washing is not enough. You have to eliminate the odor by using a pet stain remover. If you don’t have one at the time of the accident you can use white vinegar.
  • Something has changed the usual daily routine. Human or pet guests, a new baby, strange loud noises in the house or coming from the next door apartment maybe.
  • Fireworks, storms and thunders can terrify your dog so much and force her to wet the bed.


So, now what are you doing? Well, in case you understand that you’re dealing with a physical situation you must visit a vet. Only your vet can examine and assess the health condition of your dog and prescribe medication. Please don’t try to do it by yourself and give the dog pills or other remedies someone “who had a dog with the same problem” gave them and "it worked just fine". In many cases there are very serious side effects that you couldn’t predict and may lead to more challenging situations.

If you believe that dog bed wetting is your dog’s reaction to something that bothers him in the house, try to understand what that is and offer a solution. For example, if you realize that your dog has a difficulty in jumping off the bed then it’s time to consider getting the dog out of the bed. OK, I know this is not easy (and I suspect it would be more difficult for you rather than your dog).

Consider buying dog stairs for your bedroom. There is a great variety in prices and designs in the market to match your style and your budget. But don't buy something just because it looks nice and would match your furniture. You need something sturdy that the dog won't be afraid to use. Soft steps definitely don't work for big dogs. People's reviews about a product is always a great help when making a decision about a purchase.

If you have an old dog that is actually dripping then maybe consider using dog diapers. For some dog owners this may sound strange, especially the image of a big male dog wearing diapers is strange but I invite you to give it a second thought. After all, you care more about your dog’s health and comfort rather that his image.

A doggie door to make it easier for the dog to go potty outside could also offer a solution to the problem.

What about a hammock type dog bed? Using this type of bed has the advantage that any urine will run through the bed and you can easily clean the mess. Plus, your dog don’t have to sleep on a wet mattress.

Dog bed wetting is really upsetting and I’m sure you have enough dirty laundry in your cleaning schedule. You don’t need more! So, calm down and take some time to watch your dog. Finding the cause of the problem will guide you to choose the solution that best fits your situation.

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