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Small Dog Pictures

Small Dog Pictures submitted by our visitors on this site and our facebook page.  In other words, dog people just like you!

I'm sure you LOVE them ALL!!!


Small Dog Pictures Rockey

"Rockey is one of our two Bostons. Plus, we also have Lucy, who is a 10 year old Labrador. So much love in our home... We are truly BLESSED."

Posted by Cheryl K. Watson-Peterson


Small Dog Pictures William

 Nellie & Petey!

Small Dog Pictures, Nellie and Petey

Meet Nellie and Petey! Two rescue sweeties that barely dodged death and now living the high life!!!

They are absolute sweeties and deserve to SNOOZE & Relax...


by Barbara
(Abbotsford BC Canada)

"This is William! He is 6 1/2 years old. William was so exhausted by his first visit to the groomer that he slept the rest of the day… "

by Denise Beaudoin


Small Dog Pictures, Annie

"This is our sweet Annie!"
                                                                              by Monniek De Bruyn Faul

Some More Small Dog Pictures

My Darling KOKO!

Small Dog Pictures, Koko
Sleeping Koko

"Koko is a 4 year Tibetan Spaniel. He is our darling...Loves to play and is very fond of chicken..."

by Nitu Singh

China & Sweetpea!

Small Dog Pictures, China and Sweatpea

My Girls, love of our life! Both are Shizu/Bishon! China (the white face)  loves to keep clean and negotiate for treats.

Sweetpea is my black eye girl! She is my little ragamuffin... She loves to be outside and into everything.  Plus, she does everything with a little bit attitude...

by Linda Friesen
(Tisdale, Saskatchewan)

Comments left by visitors for this submission

China and Sweet Pea are adorable. Isn't it wonderful that we have animals to love and protect us. By by our side no matter what... I'm so grateful that I've always had a dog most of my life...

by: Susan O' Day

They are both so cute... I know they bring you much love and comfort. It's always so nice to wake up to little furry friends!

by: Anonymous


Small Dog Pictures, Jessi

"Introducing my cute Jessi! She really loves snow."

by Aisling Gibbons

Sleeping Beauty...

Small dog and her girl

"My adorable niece Dany, poses for the camera with a small sleeping beauty..."

by Pilar Arena Escoffie

My cute Daffy!

Here's some photos of Daffy, her sister Dolly and their mother Chaquita.

Small dog pictures, Daffy
small dog pictures, Dolly and Daffy
Small Dog Pictures Daffy And Family

My Daffy is a beautiful Boston Bull dog and definitely Momma's baby girl!  Always wanting to be rocked like a baby or needing her passy...

When she feels sleepy, she comes and get her mommy to lay together in mommy's bed!

posted by by Jodi

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