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How to Choose a Dog

Need some help on how to choose a dog that will be JUST RIGHT FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY? 

You have already read the Choosing The Right Dog For You page but still feel that there is more involved in this serious decision?

You are right! There is a list of additional factors you have to take into consideration, especially in case you're looking for the Best Family Dog.

Dog and Family Members

  • Are you sure that EVERYONE in the family understands what living with a dog means and wants the dog too?
  • Are there elderly people living or often visiting your home?
  • Does anyone have allergies to dogs?

Make sure that everyone realizes that it is not "just a dog". It is going to be a new family member and a Long Term Commitment!

Do you expect to have serious lifechanges during 
the next 10-15 years?

  • Getting married and having babies?
  • Getting a (new) job?
  • Moving to a new house?
  • Moving to an other city or country?

Are you sure that your dog will ALWAYS have a place in your home, no matter what changes life brings?

It is really sad but there are so many people who abandon their dogs when a baby comes. So, think about this prospective very carefully before choosing your dog. See more at dog and baby in the house.                 

Evaluate your living conditions

Think of the following questions and your answers will help you realize what is best both for you and the dog:

-Do you live in a house or an apartment? Most dogs can live in  apartments although it is a little more demanding situation.

-Do you own the place or rent it? If you rent, are you 100% sure    that you’ll be able to take the dog with you when the lease is over?

-Do you have a fenced in yard? Is the fence tall enough to prevent  the dog from escaping the yard?

-How dog friendly is your neighborhood? Do you see other people  walking their dogs? Is there a dog park or other safe place where you  could leave your dog off lease to run?

Will it be easy and safe for you to walk the dog? Although many dogs can adjust to city life pretty good, noisy and traffic jumped roads may not be the best environment for your daily walks.

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How To Choose A Dog

What is your age and physical condition?

This is something you have to consider, especially in case your heart beats for a big or large dog breed. Remember that big dogs are very strong and heavy.

Are you sure you will be able to handle your dog if s/he pulls on the lease? Getting the dog in the bathroom or your car? Will you be able to do the same in ten years?

Would you like to to see how stubborn a dog can become?

CLICK to watch this funny video.

Getting a dog in the bathroom can be really challenging!

More Funny Dog Videos

Do you live alone?

In that case, make sure that there is at least one family member or a trusted friend that will be able to look after your dog in case you can not. This is really important.

There will be times that you won’t be able to take care of your dog. An illness, an unexpected business trip, a social obligation that keeps you away from home. It is essential that someone else will be there for him/her. And, it is also very important that this person will be able to handle your dog.

So, if you intend to adopt a Rottweiler for example it is rather unlikely to expect your 70 year old mother -who has never had a dog in her life- or your best friend -who doesn’t like dogs- to help you.

Of course, you can always pay for dog sitting services. I’m not talking about a scheduled trip or something like that though. There will be times when you just need to pick up the phone and ask someone to help you with your dog "NOW".

Are there any other pets in the house?

Do you already share your home with another dog, cat, bird or other animal? Choosing the right dog means that this new dog should be a happy addition to their lives too!

Think of your pet’s size, temperament and daily routine. Most dogs can live peacefully with all sorts of animals -including cats- as long as you introduce them correctly and, of course, give them time to adjust.

The best scenario would be to raise both animals together. However, adopting an adult dog from a shelter is also a good idea. People there usually test dogs in a variety of situations and can tell you whether the dog is suitable to live with cats and other pets.

Is there enough room in your car for the dog?

Your dog will need to get into the car in many occasions. Going to the vet or the groomer is the most obvious reason, but there will be many other, more enjoyable moments. Long car rides, short trips or holidays.

Make sure that your dog will be able to travel with you in comfort AND safety. Dog Car Safety is really important.

How obsessed are you and the rest of your family with your sparkling clean home?

All dogs shed. Some breeds more, some others less. No matter how hard you clean the house you’ll always find some dog hair on your cloths and almost everywhere else. Most dog owners get used to it as time goes by.

However, a heavy shedding dog means a lot of extra work for you. It is you who will clean after your dog, right? In case you are counting on someone else to do that (wife, husband, mother) please make sure that this person is willing to undertake the extra work.

Do you plan on leaving your dog to run off lease at the dog park, the beach or wherever you can leave her run free safely until she is totally excused and absolutely happy? Do you know what that means when coming back home? Muddy paw prints in the car, on the stairs and some times all around the house. 

Especially those rainy winter days…

Sometimes cleaning the dog with a wet towel is enough but there are other times when bathing is necessary. Cleaning a small dog is rather easy and takes a few minutes. However, bathing a big, long haired dog is way more difficult. CLICK HERE and find out everything you need to know about bathing a dog in less than 15 minutes!

I truly hope that all the information, tips and advice on how to choose a dog will help you make the right decision and enjoy a great life with you new friend.

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