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Funny Dog Videos

Everyone loves funny dog videos. Especially people who LOVE dogs! 

They make us smile, they can make us laugh out loud... In a few words, funny pet videos brighten our days! Who doesn´t need that? Dogs are special creatures and a true blessing to every family.

 Dogs Are Like Babies...

...and they love swinging just like all babies do. Two Adorable French Bulldogs having a great time  at the playground!

In this page you´ll find a collection of some of the best and funniest dog videos available on the net. All people who share their lives with dogs have the opportunity to witness hilarious scenes with their little friends playing the leading part. Some of these people are lucky enough to have a camera near them. And the result is always so amusing...

So, next time you catch your little fur-friend doing some of his or her antics, you know what you should do. Grasp your camera and record it! And, who knows? Maybe, some day, Your Dog could become one of the famous internet super stars! Just like our friends in the following videos.

Denver, The Guilty Dog


Who did this? 

Suspect No 1: Maisy........ Not Guilty

Suspect No 2: Denver....... "Denver, was that you? What? Let me see your face...I can't believe it. You DID it...Oh Denver..."

More than 34 million people have watched this funny video!

Bailey Loves Snow!

No doubt about that. One of the happiest dogs I've ever seen! No matter how many times I've watched this video I can still watch it once again. He had a blast...

That's life!


Well, I think it doesn't get any better than this! Two beautiful Golden Retrieves enjoying the pool.... And feeling so relaxed...

I think I might heard one of them ordering a Margarita!

Don't Worry

Be Happy

Na na na....

Who did this mess?


I think I can see a guilty face...

Two more funny dog videos

One Very Lucky Doberman


I wish I had a swimming pool... This clever Doberman seems to enjoy it so much! In fact, I think he could do the same thing all day long!

Static Dog


This cute little puppy probably doesn't understand why her people laugh... In fact, more than 4.000.000 people have laughed with this video too. This is SO FUNNY.

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