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Pretty Boy

by Brandy

Preety Boy

Preety Boy

My name is Brandy and I’d like to share my story about my precious dog, Pretty Boy with you.

17 years ago my husband and I went to our local animal shelter and that's where I found my Pretty Boy. A lil Beagle! Pretty Boy (he had the look...) is the way I call him.

He was just 13 weeks old! As he got older...the funnier he became! Not to mention "Houdini"...He could get out of his fence NO MATTER WHAT! But, he always came back home ...

Time passes...He was about 11 yrs old when he developed cataracts on both eyes and got hit by a car. He had to have his left front leg amputated...

About a year latter my boy started having seizures...

He has developed loss of kidney retention. But, he never acted like he was hurting.

March 2014
Last week, he was just laying down and moaning...Seeing him now in pain, it has really broken my heart ...

Yesterday, 3-10-2014 I called the Vet. And made an appointment. The Vet said he found masses in his kidney and liver area. He said it was time to let him go... That it was the best thing for him.

The only thing I could do was holding him and cry. And, when they stuck the needle in, my words to him were "I’m sorry, please forgive me ..."

I feel so guilty , I hope he knows I love him ...and why I’m feeling this ...He will always live in my mind, always be in my prayers.

Please pray for me...

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Mar 12, 2014
Pretty Boy's passing
by: Patsy Brewer

Brandy, I raised 3 very active sons and our neighbor's dog (Lady) wanted to be part of our family. The owner of the dog would come get her & she would just kept coming back to our house...

One day I saw the power company workers outside, holding her up and making fun of her so the other workers could see what looked like boobies. I told my husband & we decided to take her to a vet! We had the tumors removed but she had cancer. She stayed on our steps that lead up to our house just so she could hear our boys inside...

Needless to say, I had to make the same heart wrenching decision you did. Read the story about the Rainbow Bridge and maybe you can get some comfort from that. I know you miss your sweet "Pretty Boy" but he's playing with our lady on the other side!

Condolence's from someone who understands!

Mar 12, 2014
by: Susan

I'm so sorry for your loss. I have had many dogs who eventually crossed the rainbow bridge and it's not possible not to remember all of them and all of their personalities...

You will miss Pretty Boy for sure but you have wonderful memories. And yes, Pretty Boy knows you love him and that you were doing what's best for him... I truly believe that.

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