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Top Small Dog Names

Looking for Small Dog Names? Something Unique and Charming to match your little dog's personality and unparalleled beauty? You'll find all the best names HERE

First ideas come from these two sweet small dogs whose owners shared their photos with us. 

Small dog from Hong Kong

"This is my lovely rescue daughter, Paulina"

submitted by Hagnes (Hong Kong)

Cute little dog named Lola is posing for the camera.

"My beautiful baby Lola! She's very sweet and loving..."

submitted by Linda (West Palm Beach)

Browse the following names and I am sure you'll get some really good ideas for the perfect name you're looking for.

Top Small Dog Names

Alpha Amber
Anais Angel
Anna Apple
Ava Baby
Bambi Bambina
Bambino Beauty
Bebe Bella
Bonsai Candy
Chico Chipper
CoCo Cody
Coodie Cupcake
Cutie Daisy
Didi Diva
Duke Elvis
Enzo Fifi
Fluffy Gi-Gi
Happy Honey
Houdini Inca
Junior Kasper
King Kita
Lady Lola
Lollipop Lou Lou
Lucky Lucy
Lulu Macy
Madonna Maggie
Megi Middy
Mike Mimi
Mini Minnie
Mona Oreo
Pablo Paola
Paris Pastel
Pea Peanut
Pearl Pebble
Penny Perla
Pink Pinky
Pixel Pixie
Polly Poppy
Precious Prince
Princess Rabbit
Romeo Sandy
Sissy Stella
Teacup Tiny
Tulip Tutu
Winnie Zizi

Small dogs have something special that everyone recognizes... They are so cute and adorable! They deserve only the best, the cutest names!

BUT REMEMBER There is no need to choose a name for the little fur-ball you just brought home on the first day. Take your time and THINK BEFORE you make up your mind.

Browse lists with dog names, listen to suggestions from friends and family members.
Most important of all? Get to know your dog.


To Help You Find The Perfect Name For Your Little Friend

As you probable noticed, there are no endless lists with thousands of names you can’t even pronounce on this site.

Only Real Names and Ideas, just perfect for your precious small dog.

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Nala is my two and a half year old Maltese Pug cross. When she was a tiny little pup, she would pounce on her stuffed toys like a little lion, so she got the name Nala from the Lion King (remember the pouncing scene with the parrot? That's exactly what our little Nala did).

Anyway, we love her and think she's super cute and awesome and wanted to share the cuteness 

submitted by Shelley, (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

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