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Stop Dog From Barking

Can you really stop a dog from barking? Well, it depends on what exactly we mean by that. Barking is natural for dogs, just like speaking is natural for people! It is their way to communicate, which is good actually and nobody could stop that.

Excessive barking though, just like too much talking, turns out to be a serious problem. A dog that barks all the time can upset your life and destroy your relationship with the neighbors.

Dogs bark for a number of reasons and the only way you could control the barking is by understanding what is hidden behind this behavior.

To Stop Dog From Barking
First You Have To Understand The Why

How to stop a dog from barking?A dog starts barking the moment
a stranger enters his or her property

These are the main reasons for a dog’s excessive barking.

  • Protection instinct. Dogs bark every time a visitor tries to enter your property. This behavior is normal and acceptable to some extend. The truth is that most owners want their dog to alert them when a stranger comes at their door stepWhat is important here is that your dog should be trained to stop barking at your command.
  • Fear or Anxiety. When your dog starts his non stop barking try to understand if there is something in the environment that makes him or her act this way. An other dog, unexpected sounds, thunders, the vacuum cleaner, it could be anything. Have in mind that dogs being kept chained outside ( become anxious and are prone to excessive barking.
  • Boredom. A dog that has been left alone for too many hours, having nothing to do, is very likely to start barking. This way, either tries to attract your attention or simply to …amuse himself.
  • Your little fellow is separated from its pack, meaning you and your family. Dogs are social creatures and cannot live alone. They are always seeking for your company.
  • The dog doesn’t get enough physical or mental exercise and has plenty of extra energy. Make sure that your dog gets at least two good daily walks and some time to play with you. A tired dog is always a good dog. 
  • Sheer excitement. The dog is so happy to see you every time you return home that cannot help it and starts barking and jumping. Everyone loves that at first. However, by accepting and rewarding this behavior you establish the basis for a number of other serious behavioral problems.

Maybe the issue is not to stop your dog from barking

but to deal with its separation anxiety

  • The dog has understood that barking "works" and uses it to get his way. If you have taught your dog that barking helps to get what he wants then you have gotten yourself into serious problem.
  • There is external stimulation. If the dog is running free in the yard or can watch out of a window then it is very likely that something will catch his/her attention. Other dogs, cars, kids with bicycles, cats, squirrels, it could be anything.

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Chinese dog proverb

How To Stop A Dog From Barking

  • Always use a calm assertive voice when asking your dog to stop barking. Dogs don’t understand English, or any other human language. They only feel you, the tone of your voice and your energy. So, screaming "shut up" doesn't work. Maybe the dog gets scared and stops barking for a moment but he will start all over again after a while.
  • Never reward excessive barking. Screams and sweet talk are considered as reward from a dog’s point of view and it is very possible that the dog will bark even more. Use a sound voice to correct your dog.
  • NEVER hit the dog. He doesn’t understand why and this only destroys your relationship.
  • A key point is that your dog sees you in the top of your pack’s hierarchy. Even if that pack consists of... just the two of you. When that happens, it is really easy for the dog to leave you handle any challenging situation that triggers off excessive barking.
  • If you still find it difficult to stop your dog from barking maybe it’s time to ask for professional help. A dog trainer is always a very good idea, if you can afford that. But, there are also many other options available to you. On line training programs and books that could help you stop your dog from barking.

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