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Cute Small  Dogs

Cute small dogs Raphael and Rudy,

Our Baby Boys

Raphael and Rudy

"They enjoy hanging out in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico...", 

posted by Nancy Velna-Herz & Christine Ogburn

Maggie and Abby

Maggie and Abby

"My cute small dogs: Maggie & Abby. Both rescued on the day of their execution....

Now, they are two very spoiled little girls!!!"

submitted by Denis Yacopetti

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"Malfoy and Hollie are my two Cavalier King Charles spaniels. They like to play or just... be themselves! Hollie also likes to play and run.


  Hollie just LOVES her uncle Malfoy."

submitted by Mags Rachel Mcquillan, Belfast Irland

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"Meet my Sami! The sweetest and cutest thing on earth! This is the photo that made me decide to adopt him. And it doesn't even do him justice..."

submitted by Angelina (Lodi, NJ)


This is my 14 year old Lhasa mix, Archie! He adopted me 10 years ago, after being rescued from a puppy mill.

He's blind and has arthritis now... But, we still enjoy going  to the park!

We'll be BEST FRIENDS forever...

by Michael Cripe


"This is Poppy, my sweet baby! Poppy is my first Chihuahua.

After my Maltipoo passed away, I was very hesitant to get another dog... Well, two months later I decided to pick out my new puppy and never regretted that.  He even got to sleep in my bed!

This is him in the photo, 8 years later. I love my Poppy so much..."

by Rose M. Schuldt (Lyons, NY)



Cutie Pie...

posted by Aisling Gibbons



"Bella (which means beautiful)  is living proof that old dogs can be just as cute as puppies. She's almost 12..."

posted by Carmel Gillogly

Happy Faces!

Cute small dogs, happy faces

"Introducing Misty and Bonnie! My two fur-babies...",

posted by Evelyn Garry


"Pip is a 6 year old Australian Silky Terrier who is blind.... However, that does not stop him from enjoying life with us!",

posted by Rose Foley



My husband had wished for a dog so much... So, two years ago we got our lovely Lexie. Oh, how I love her beautiful pinky eyes...

She ALWAYS finds a way to  make us happy! She's my everything and I would do anything for her and my husband that I left back in Portugal. Hopefully, we'll be all together soon!

submitted by Michele Machado (Canada)

Sweet Brodie Loves Her Toys!


"My Brodie is a four year old Lhasa Poodle Cross and she’s an absolute delight! She brings a smile to everyone.

Brodie loves her toys. Especially the Lamb!  It goes everywhere with her. In the photo she is taking it to bed. She tries to jump up with it in her mouth. Of course I have to help her as my bed is too high for her. She waits patiently until I come…

The other photo was taken last Easter (2013) with her Easter Chick. She was wearing her Lort Smith Scarf to support other little dogs...  She loves to sit in the Rocker!

Brodie’s best friend is Frances! They play together all the time and
sometimes sleep together too!"


submitted by Sylvia Bernadette Seymour, Australia

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